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"Sometimes you can have the smallest role in the smallest production and still have a big impact."

Neil Patrick Harris

Jocelyn Sanchez

I am an 12 year old Mexican American bilingual actress with two years of acting experience. I have worked really hard these past two years and have built on the experiences I have been so fortunate to get with short films, commercials and promotional campaigns. I really love inspiring others and really enjoy when I get hired for a project that sends a positive message.  My favorite acting genres are drama and action. My long term goal is to be cast in a Hollywood film or a cool Netflix or Hulu series.  I also really enjoy writing my own scripts and last year I wrote an award winning film called Lost and Found. I also have experience with Directing, Slating and other behind the scenes work on set. I would love to gain as much experience as possible with quality production companies so if you want to work with me send me a mesage!


  • 50/50 Kids Challenge - Lost and Found- Best Picture Runner Up
  • 50/50 Kids Challenge- Lost and Found- Best Cinematography
  • 50/50 Kids Challenge- Lost and Found- Best Score

  • 50/50 Kids Challenge- Lost and Found- Best Production Design

  • Best Youth Actress- Z-Fest Film Festival 2020