ZFest 2020

So I am so excited for this years screening of ZFest films. I have some amazing films entered in this years competition.

The Chancla is a Latino comedy about an abuela that gets mad when her grandchildren start misbehaving and the Chanclas start flying across the room hitting whoever gets in their path.

The Washing Machine is a drama about two sisters (starring my sister Maya with me) who have an abusive father and the oldest sister has to take on the mother role and take care of her little sister. They create a fantasy world to help escape the abuse and the door to the washing machine is the portal that takes them to their fantasy world. Tribulations is also a drama about a politician who faces religious conflicts with the issue of immigration and detention centers. He comes across a little girl played by myself in the detention center and feels sorry for her. He helps get her out and reunite her with her father after they are separated.

Lastly, I am an extra in a film called Blind Date. I have been nominated for Best Child Actress so that is very exciting as well.